Can't disable SIP in 11.2

I just updated to 11.2 and when I restarted my MacBook Pro, it failed during the login and did a force restart. It keeps doing this until I reset PRAM (command + option + p + r). After I do that, I can startup and login again, but csrutil is now enabled again. If I disable csrutil again, it’s the same story ad before… MacBook fails and force restart during login.

Is this happening to anyone else? Any suggestions?

This isn’t really a reply but I have both a MacBook Pro - Intel chip set and a MacBook Pro M1 Chipset and have had no problem disabling SIP either partially or completely on either. I know it might be a total PITA, but you might want to do a complete backup/restore of your system. Sometimes a OS corruption sneaks in. I’ve found clean installs fix a lot of problems.