Can't hide default finder tabs - closing one tab closes the entire finder

It’s been years since I’ve used total finder, so I finally decided to turn off sip and give it a go. But man I’m noticing alot of UI bugs and things that are all around clunky.

First off, I can’t hide finders default tabs. It makes no sense to really have two sets of tabs open… But whenever I open a new tab, sure enough the default finder tabs open as well…

whats more when you click on one of finders tabs, it breaks total finder so that you can no longer switch tabs back and forth.

Eventually the UI just starts to over lap.

Also closing one tab will end up closing the entire finder.

I think it may be time for a 2020 update.

This must be some weird edge case. Most people (including me) don’t use Finder’s native tabs and use just TotalFinder tabs. Those two should not interfere unless you have “Finder -> View -> Show Tab Bar” always shown. In that case you will see Finder’s native tab even if you have just one created.

Also please make sure that you have “Finder -> Preferences -> General -> Open foders in tabs instead of new windows” unchecked. This keeps TotalFinder behaviour from the times before native tabs were introduced.

You might always try to reset Finder and TotalFinder into factory defaults to see if the issue is in your plist config: