Can't kill Sh-f3 standard function in MS_Word

In TS2 when working in MS-Word I can’t restore the MS Sh-f3 key function to toggle caps/lower case. Instead, Sh-f3 causes a creeping Mission Control action to display all spaces which is not what I want.

Have tried various changes in SysPrefs-Keyboard & Mission Control but I can’t restore the preferred MS-Word function.


It does sound like it’s assigned somewhere in Mission Control or Keyboard prefs. Probably in Mission Control preferences - have you checked the keyboard and mouse shortcuts in there?

I’ve been round and round this one several times before posting for help. However, I’ve had another go and - quite unintuitively - in SysPrefs>Keyboard checking ‘Use all f1, f2 etc keys as standard function keys’ solves my problem. It’s exactly the opposite to what the SysPrefs text says - my function keys (WITH the box checked) DON"T operate as standard function keys thereby allowing the MS-Word shortcut to operate. Nil carborundum illegitimo

Thanks for the attempt to help, Stephen.

Ah, ok I wouldn’t have thought of that. And I’m sorry I wasn’t more help! But it’s great you figured it out.