Can't open new finder window with CMD+N, how do I get this to work? Bug?

I have tabs enabled, but when I do CMD+N i would like a new finder window and not a tab. It currently is only opening a tab.

How do i fix this? Is it a bug?

Well, TotalFinder always behaved this way. It captures new Finder window creations and converts them into TotalFinder tabs (no matter how they were spawned).

To get new window with TotalFinder you can use a hidden tweak: click the “+” button on the right side of your TotalFinder tabs while holding SHIFT.

If this is not enough, I could introduce a keyboard shortcut. Maybe CMD+OPT+N? For a new TotalFinder window?

Well interestingly enough, i enabled Freelance Windows, and restarted finder and CMD+N worked to open a new finder window.

Not sure if it’s supposed to work that way, but i really like it!

The tweak with the “+” works, but it’s not super practical when wanting to quickly open a new window. Can there be a checkbox to open new finder windows with CMD+N built into TotalFinder, rather than a tab??