Can't show first few items in Finder Window at its minimal Height


When TotalFinder is running, and resize the Finder window to its minimal height, the first few files and folder cannot be shown.

Though that I can roll them down to see them, once the drag maneuver is released, it bounces back and you can’t see them again. Of course, I can still select them through UP/DOWN keystrokes and do what I need, copy, rename, etc…

Can this be fixed?

#In the Finder Window screenshot below, selected files can only be partly seen, but actually there are 8 more files above.

MacOS HighSierra 10.13 Beta (17A330h)
TotalFinder 1.9.7

I get this issue too (TF 1.10.10) on my MBP (15-inch, Late 2013) - has this been recognised as a bug yet?

This has been fixed in v1.10.6. You must be experiencing some other issue. Can you provide a screenshot?

Will do when it happens again.

Same issue. MBP 2015 OsX 10.13.5 TotalFinder 1.10.10