Catalina tab title missing

TotalFinder not behaving well with Catalina. For example:

  1. Tabs disappear after waking from sleep

  2. Tab titles also disappear(blank) after waking from sleep

  3. Columns often do not auto-size

  4. Columns mysteriously shrink to size of a single character

Restarting brand new iMac did not help.
Using latest version of TotalFinder

As of 3) columns might not auto-size if you dragged splitter to custom size. To reset you have to double-click the splitter (line).

I cannot really comment on the other issues. Haven’t really experienced that behaviour.

Anyone else seeing this?

I’m having these issues with TotalFinder - in actuality Finder not responding after some time using my iMac from late 2015.
I haven’t paid much attention to the underlying cause. But, it might be after sleep that this happens.

I just take it that TotalFinder crashes and left me with no tabs - no response from Finder as a whole until I logout or take measure to just take Finder down using the Terminal because - Force Quit doesn’t take - and then reload TotalFinder. I often just logout or restart thinking now might be a good time to do that.

I of course also didn’t think of keeping TotalFinder around and looking through Console for mentions.

I instead uninstalled TotalFinder right there and then. Will reinstall now and keep an eye on things.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the #3 and #4 issue but that’s on my rader to keep an eye out for too.

Think I found cause of blank tabs. It appears to happen whenever I select “Hide Others” (⌥⌘H) in any other app. The tab in TotalFinder that is active turns blank and eventually becomes nonfunctional and must be closed.