Change in color sidebar implementation in 1.5.19 breaks prior functionality

Using 1.5.6, I used to be able to substitute my own colored icons that was displayed in the Sidebar by TF (instead of the default), by changing the ICNS files in

In version 1.5.6, TF would use the colored versions of the icons for Shared and Networks devices, like for example for a connected Windows PC, TF would use the icon from public.generic-pc.icns, which was color.

In 1.5.19 it is now grabbing the monochrome icons that start with ‘Sidebar…icns’, like, in this case, it now grabs
SidebarPC.icns. Even for connected MAcs, 1.5.6 would use the color icon such as
Now for the same connected laptop it grabs the monochrome icon SidebarLaptop.icns.

So, the sidebar now has a MIX of some color and some monochrome icons.

DEVELOPER: Can you change this back so that TF will grab the colored icns versions in CoreTypes.bundle once again? I think if the goal is to support color in the Sidebar, it really needs to be all the way, not some color and some black and white. Unless this was Mavericks only change. I’m using Mountain Lion. Are you recommending ML users stay on 1.5.6?

This will be fixed in the next release. I accidentally removed code which I thought is not needed anymore (during some refactoring of the plugin)

FYI Folks, this is fixed in 1.5.21 Thanks to the developers!!!

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