Change TotalFinder Icon

Looking to change the TotalFinder icon in the dock to a custom one I had set (with Candybar). How do I change the standard TotalFinder icon to something else?

Please disable custom TotalFinder icon in TotalFinder preferences:
Finder -> Preferences -> TotalFinder -> Keep original Dock icon

Then you have to restart Finder via CMD+OPT+ESC and launch again. Your custom Candybar icon should be effective at this point.

Knew there had to be a simple solution but couldn’t find it or it wasn’t jumping out at me.

Had a second question was hoping you could help answer - The current directory path of whatever folder I’m in seems to be missing at the bottom of the finder window. For example:


That’s not showing up any longer (on the bottom “finder bar”). That an issue native total finder and do you know how to “show the path” of wherever I am in the computer?

Sorry @Kliter_Semson but here you see: :wink:

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@Marc, I wouldn’t have asked the question if I didn’t already google this myself and try to find the answer last night.

Problem is the “show path bar” isn’t coming up under the “View” in Finder (Hide Path bar is grayed out and can’t be clicked). I believe this started after using TotalFinder so I was checking to see if anyone else had a similar issue.

Uuh, greyed out. That is strange. Might be an issue with TF.
On my Mac it s greyed out if I clicked on the Desktop. If I activated a (Total-)Finder window then those options under View become available.


  1. Does the problem persist when you browse different folders?
  2. Does the problem persist when you open a new tab?
  3. Does the problem persist when you open a new window?
  4. Does the problem persist when you relaunch Finder via CMD+OPT+ESC and launch again?

Marc spelled out what I was doing wrong namely thinking the Desktop and Finder “view” drop down menu were one in the same thing. Initially the path bar was on top of another bar… now it’s back to its looking normal so, problem solved.