Changing sorting order in list view resets selection

I am a fairly new user of Total Finder and generally love it, drastically improves working in the Finder. There is one problem and I’m not use if its a bug or a feature. I often convert file types when working with audio, so often have two versions of each file in a folder, say WAV and M4A for example. I can’t always guarantee that all the files in a folder will have been converted, if some of them were AIFF to start with for example, they will get skipped. the best way I find to deal with this and delete the WAV files after conversion is to go into list view, sort by file type, select all the WAV files, change back to file name sorting, then I can instantly see if the highlighted files are every other one, and know if any files are missed, then simply move to trash.

I now find when switching sorting order in list view the selection gets reset so I am unable to do this which makes the process of checking folder contents in this way much more laborious. This is not the only occasion I find being able to make selections and then change the sorting order useful, just one good example.

It would be a huge improvement if this could be fixed for the next update.

Thank you