Clicking on Finder in dock doesn´t open it

Am on 1.11.8. If I click on the Finder symbol in the dock, the Finder seems to open (is show on the top) but shows no window. If I right click on “open new window” it works. If I open any other finder window (for example “Open download-folder in new window”) it works.

EDIT 1: And I just found out that it is not possible to switch (by clicking ctrl-tab) between open “tabs” (which now seems to be windows) anymore.

EDIT 2: Version 1.11.4 is the one that works properly.

I have the same issue, I think it is related to opening dmg files. When I open a DMG file I get a folder ghosting at the very top. When I try to reopen Finder with double click it no longer works and have to restart.

I’m sorry for this issue. But I would need to reproduce it on my machine. So far, all seems to be working fine here with my latest macOS 10.14.4 (dev version 18E205e).

@tosonny Any more insights what could be causing it? What is your macOS version?