Clicking within a Finder window causes it to move position on screen

A weird bug has surfaced which causes the Finder window to jump to another location on the screen sometimes when a file or spot is clicked on.

This is very frustrating! This happens on my iMac and Macbook Pro, both running 10.9.

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I have also noticed this. It’s happened maybe three or four times with my Visor window (which is the only Finder window I use). Pretty strange… It seems to be completely random.

Yeah, my windows keep moving randomly as well. If I click on a Finder window, there’s more than a good chance that it will move itself, which makes it highly annoying. I’ve also noticed that I don’t actually have to click inside the Finder window for the window to randomly move.

For example, I just managed to replicate it by clicking on a Sublime Text window that was under my Finder window since I wanted to change the current active window from Finder to Sublime Text. What happened was that my Sublime Text window became the active window and Finder moved itself to where my cursor clicked on the Sublime Text window. Unless somehow the desktop under the Sublime Text registered as well, I didn’t click within Finder at all.

OS X 10.9 (13A603), TotalFinder 1.5.4, MacBookPro8,1. This behavior started when I upgraded to Mavericks and on all versions of TotalFinder that I’ve had on Mavericks thus far.

I have the same problem. When I click different places in the finder window about 3-10 times this annoying thing will happen. It is very easy to delete rename files when the finder window jump, so it is very dangerous. Please fix this.

When I disable tabs, the random moves will disappear, so it could be a temporary solution.

I also do have the same problem. It works the way as Mailia has described.

I noticed the same problem. It has to do with application focus. When the Finder app does not have focus, clicking and dragging in the file area (or perhaps anywhere) will cause the finder window to move. An easy way to reproduce…

  1. activate another app with a Finder window still visible
  2. click and drag in the file area of the background Finder window
  3. the window will move as if dragging the title bar

Turning off tabs does eliminate the issue.

I discovered that this problem is not related to TotalFinder. It is related to my mouse driver. If you use the internal touchpad, you won’t be able to reproduce this issue. I have a Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse. It has problems with some other apps as well like PHPStorm.
I’ve tried to install the Intellipoint driver from MS, but it is very old and not worked well for me.

You can download this free driver:

I am using SmoothMouse already and it definitely does not fix this issue for me. :frowning:

FWIW, I am using a Logitech M305 mouse.

In, please execute this command and then restart Finder+TotalFinder:

defaults write TotalFinderNoCustomDragging -bool yes

This is a hidden tweak implemented since v1.5.7. I forgot to update this thread.