Clicks go through the overview grid and reach the Dock


I don’t know how to reproduce it, but sometimes the clicks in the overview grid go through it. It is obvious when I click a space in the bottom row of the overview, because the overview closes as expected but the click is not intercepted and reaches the dock, launching or taking to the front the application whose Dock icon happened to be under the grid at the position I clicked.

When it starts happening, it does it all the time until I quit and relaunch TotalSpaces2. It’s only a problem when I click a space in the bottom row, but launching random applications when you just mean to switch spaces is pretty annoying.




Thanks for reporting this. TotalSpaces2 does try to take measures to prevent the dock seeing clicks when the overview grid is showing, but it seems in your case they are getting through.

I do have an idea how to solve this, I’ll try to get a patch into the next update.

Cool, thank you, Stephen!

Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention that I’m still on Mavericks (in case that matters).