Close multiple tabs

Is there a fast way to close multiple tabs in total finder - or could one be added similar to approaches used in web bowsers e.g. left click close all tabs, or tabs to the right?
I tend to work on multiple drives and directories using the double-option key to open the total finder viewer, resulting in multiple tabs that sooner or later require x click closure.
If there is already a shortcut to achieve this, please let me know about it, and I apologise for not spotting it.


This is not supported right now.

Is it supported in Google Chrome? Maybe I could get some code from them.

Yes it is a feature in Google Chrome, and that’s what got me thinking that it would be useful in TotalFinder. If you right click on tabs in Chrome you can close all other tabs, close tabs to the right, and several additional options

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Have the darwin team had chance to consider introducing this feature? Perhaps it’s impractical or too difficult to achieve but (in my opinion), would prove a useful additional feature.
Either way I’l stay with TotalFinder, it’s a massive improvement on OSX Finder!

I also hope that the TotalFinder can support this function. Like chrome tab, it supports “close the right tabs”. I would be more willing to buy it