Cmd-click on sidebar (Mavericks)

Just installed Mavericks and noticed that cmd+click on a sidebar item in the visor opens a native Finder tab instead of a TotalFinder tab. Any possibility that this can be forced to a TotalFinder tab?


Same issue

same issue

same issue here – is there a workaround?


Hoping in a fix.

It will be fixed in 1.5.3 (I’m just going to release it on beta channel).

Thanks for reporting.

Using 1.5.5 beta and when i command+click on a sidebar item it opens in a new totalfinder window but not a new tab. Is there an option in preferences or anything I need to set? on 10.9

Also is there a better way to report this feedback than replying to your comment?

I wonder if this behaviour changes when you change the checkbox in Finder Preferences -> General -> Always open … in new window (or something like that).

I’m not under Mavericks right now, I cannot check.

Tried both ways (on and off) and no difference, i’ll try to play with some other stuff. let me know how i can help :smile: your softwares one of the few i actually purchase it helps me loads!