Color labels when I save a file in an app

Hi there,
I just ordered the free trial and love the color labels in my finder, but I noticed that when I try to open or save a file with an application such as Photoshop or my free word processor, the color labels revert back to color buttons in the software’s pop-up window. This is disappointing, since I downloaded Total Finder to quickly navigate with color labels while using these programs as well as for Finder.

I looked through your forum but didn’t see this issue addressed. I’m not a computer whiz…perhaps this is impossible, and everyone knows that but me…but I thought the labels would be integrated with any software on my machine. Is there some sort of fix for this a layperson like me can understand?

(PS. I’m using El Capitan OS, because I’ve been told not to upgrade to High Sierra since this is a very old iMac from 2010. Hope that helps.)

Not a complete solution, but try coloring the folders using Folderol — a small, non-obtrusive app, available on the Mac App Store. When accessing finder functions from within an app such as Photoshop, the folders in the folder-listing window remain colored, even if the row as a whole (if you’re using list view) doesn’t. For me, it’s just enough color to catch my eye and help me find the folder I’m looking for. (BTW, folderol will color individual files too.)

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Thanks! I’ve looked it over and will give it a try.

Unfortunately this is not really possible. Just for reference: