Color Sidebar Icons in Catalina 10.15.4

Hello, I just switch to a new MBP and it came loaded with Catalina. Previously, I was using Mojave and TF worked great and had colored sidebar icons, as it did with previous versions of Mac OS and TF.

When I installed TF 1.12.3 on Catalina, some of the icons are in color and others are not. Home, Applications, Recent have no color. Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Movies, Music, Pictures have color. I also cannot seem to add custom colored icons anymore, like I did in previous versions of Mac OS and TF. I’ve search through the forums and found several older posts that talked about hacking a plist together in the home directory. Is there a more out-of-the-box fix for this? Is anyone else seeing similar behavior?

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It boils down to the problem that some of the colored icons are no longer present in the system. I would have to provide some replacements. And I never got so far.

If anyone has a link to suitable icons I could purchase and bundle with TotalFinder, please share.

I have a home image that I got originally from a set of Snow Leopard icons, but enlarged. I also have an Applications folder icon that I created myself using Snow Leopard icons. If you tell me where to send them, I could send them to you.

Thanks, please send it to But I don’t promise anything :slight_smile:

You may be able to find a suitable icon set in the Linux/GTK/KDE community, e.g. here on Pling:
Just search for the right keywords (esp. macos versions) and select a suitable license (LGPL or whatever) on the left hand side. There’s tons of good stuff out there.

Total Finder used to show user made custom folder icons on the sidebar in color. Those user made folder icons in the sidebar are still there in Finder in Catalina. Is there no way to turn them back on in TF ?