Color Sidebar Icons in Catalina 10.15.4

Hello, I just switch to a new MBP and it came loaded with Catalina. Previously, I was using Mojave and TF worked great and had colored sidebar icons, as it did with previous versions of Mac OS and TF.

When I installed TF 1.12.3 on Catalina, some of the icons are in color and others are not. Home, Applications, Recent have no color. Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Movies, Music, Pictures have color. I also cannot seem to add custom colored icons anymore, like I did in previous versions of Mac OS and TF. I’ve search through the forums and found several older posts that talked about hacking a plist together in the home directory. Is there a more out-of-the-box fix for this? Is anyone else seeing similar behavior?

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It boils down to the problem that some of the colored icons are no longer present in the system. I would have to provide some replacements. And I never got so far.

If anyone has a link to suitable icons I could purchase and bundle with TotalFinder, please share.

I have a home image that I got originally from a set of Snow Leopard icons, but enlarged. I also have an Applications folder icon that I created myself using Snow Leopard icons. If you tell me where to send them, I could send them to you.

Thanks, please send it to But I don’t promise anything :slight_smile: