Colored Labels in TotalFinder v1.6?

Hi, I am interested in seeing and trying the “colored labels” feature you show in your documentation for TotalFinder. That same documentation says that feature is available in version 1.6 of TotalFinder. But on the main TotalFinder page, the current, downloadable version shows as And when you click on “view recent changes”, again the most recent version shows as… How does one find and download this version 1.6 you mention related to “colored labels”?? thanks…

Hi @diitto You can download the latest beta version here:


AFAIK, there is no TotalFinder 1.6, yet. The latest beta version (1.5.36) is considered TF 1.6 RC2 (2nd Release Candidate). It does have the color labels you are looking for. They are awesome. :smile:

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Much appreciated. Thanks for pointing me to the version with the color labels. I will check it out. thanks much… bob

Golly gee, I would love to get colored tabs especially since the extension ColorfulTabs is broken in Firefox 29. I will try the new beta on my MBP with Mavericks but unfortunately the latest version I can use on my 2006 iMac with Snow Leopard is v1.3.4. BTW: the iMac is still purring along even being 8 years old. I am sure I know the answer but is it possible to add colored tabs back in the old version? Just wishing, lol.

I’m sorry this is not going to happen. And with 1.6 release I will drop support for Lion (10.7). I really struggle with testing the code on all systems. Please note that Finder binary hacking is quite hard and I have to maintain different code paths for different versions of Finder (and test them!)