Colored Labels - "old style" checkbox?

Hello from a happy TF user. :slight_smile:

Just an idea. Because apparently “flat design” is becoming the new norm, I’d like to ask whether there could be a checkbox saying something like “old style” (or “gradient style”) next to “Colored Labels” in the TF preferences, to make the “dinosaurs” happy. :slight_smile: One of the points of TF … and why I’ve bought it … was to “bring good old features to the latest version of OSX”, like the colors in the sidebar and now the colored labels. I think that the flat design of labels could wait for 10.10, where apparently EVERYTHING will be flat in it… Currently the flat labels are in contrast with the non-flat selection of something in the Finder’s sidebar…

Your thoughts?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Please follow this answer to enable gradient colors via plist tweak:

@Reawer Another problem is, that the gradient version is not perfect. The actual implementation of the gradient version produces different results in list view vs Icon/Desktop view. Having gradients and round corners together is much more difficult to implement in Icon/Desktop view.
Thats why, I guess, Antonin decided this is better not a checkbox but a plist-tweak only.

@Darwin: Thank you kindly. :slight_smile: