Colored labels won't show background color everywhere

all of a sudden the background color won’t show up for only one folder and sub folder. Colored labels are enabled.

It works everywhere except the “0 - MAC” folder and subfolders. How do I fix this ? I already tried to uninstall and install again, but it didn’t help

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EDIT: Found the solution. Post can be deleted

Would be nice if you may also share your solution.
Maybe someone else will have the same issue in the future, too.

I got it fixed by using BatChMod and removing the extended attributes (Clear xattrs) of the enclosed folder and files. After that it worked as it should again. Only downside to this is it basically destroys all aliases in that folder. I only had a few in there therefore it didn’t take that long to make new aliases.

Hope that helps.

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It would be nice if coloured background tags could be applied to labels on the desktop. The text there is white and does not show up well if the desktop background is light.