Colorless Glitches in the Border of Tabs

The tabs of the window show odd borders not coinciding with the boarder of the tabs. This is a consistent problem and stays even when there is only one tab open. To show exact what I mean by the glitches. here is a gif video. (Imgur)

TotalFinder: 1.13.10
MacOS: 11.5.2 (Processor 2.9 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i9, Memory 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4)

Please advise how to deal with it. Has anyone else noticed similar problems?

Thanks for the video. Some other users reported similar issues. I don’t know how to fix it.

You could try to reset Finder and TotalFinder into factory defaults:

Or I could offer you a refund, please write to

I’m sorry for the troubles.

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Resetting the Finder and TotalFinder fixed the issue! Thank you so much!!! It was an annoyance for a long time. I had almost gave up. Now it is perfect, I had to adjust my settings and license allover again, but it is great to have found a solution. Thank you.

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I am posting here again, cause it seems I have found a better solution to the color glitch in the tabs. I notice the glitch comes when the computer is woke up from sleep, probably more so when the monitor is switched, unsure.

But irrespective of how the glitch appears, the solution above while works, it takes away all your customization. Instead I noticed if you keep on opening new tabs until the shadows align with the width of the tab, then the problem goes away. Here is a gif of what I mean. Hope it helps someone else who is seeking a solution.