Coloured Labels - Suggestion


I do like having the coloured labels back, and I realise that you are (probably) limited in that OS X must still show the circle as well (because otherwise it would be best without the circle).

I’m sure I’m being nit-picky… and solution will need yet another preference option, but:

Could you (or is it even possible to) implement an option where the coloured labels only show in the Finder and not on the desktop. I’ve come to love the simplicity of not having the whole label on the Desktop, and possibly your first implementation the colour is very strong on the desktop. But I do like the full label in the Finder!

(And maybe one sub-suggestion: Would it not look aesthetically better to have the coloured label and the Apple default circle separate… it feels to me the over-writing over Apple circle looks odd and hard on the eye).

Thanks for a great product!


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Hehe, I think all those tiny little things are the reason, why apple removed the label color and gave us just tag dots. It is really difficult to create a kick-ass aesthetics. It is even more difficult to do it by Finder hacking. So mad props to the devs of TotalFinder.