Coloured Sidebar

Hi there,

really loving the coloured icons in the sidebar. Editing the .plist is fine, but I cannot get certain entries to show up in the sidebar with the new icon.

So, question would be how to manage something like this:

One folder has the following name: Dropbox (Private)

Shouldn’t it look like this?


Anonther folder has the following name: Team Folder „Company“

So, can anybody point me to right direction, please? How to type this in the .plist?

Like this: ~/Team%20Folder%20„Company“



None of them works :frowning:


The tilde is definitely a problem, you must specify a full absolute path. Not sure about changing spaces to %20 and similar. I would guess you don’t have to quote spaces…

So for example: /Users/youruser/Dropbox (Private) should work.

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Thanks! That helped!