Column View auto-width


for i time now, the Column View auto-width does’t work properly. When i start finder it works for a small time ok, but after switching maps a couple of times is does’t anymore. The collum-width returns to a small collum.
When i make a adjustment in the settings of TotalFinder, of i restart TotalFinder than it works fine again for a small time.

I hav the latest version of TotalFinder and teh latest version of MacOS (Mojave 10,14.5).

Has somebody al solution, because the auto width is a important reason for me to use TotalFinder

Don’t you drag the column divider by hand? If you do, TotalFinder respects it (as Finder would). To reset back to automatic mode you have to double-click the divider line.

There should be no need to touch the divider. It is not working for me as well. Seems to stop auto-width adjusting randomly, but it’s possibly after an open/save dialog, which is not affected by Totalfinder. Maybe the dialog window behavior carries forward somehow, overwriting the TF preference?

I brought this up regarding the Finder search results being un-auto-width-ed. here: