Automatically adjust widths in Column View not working

MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. TotalFinder version 1.11.8.
Even though this (favorite) feature is checked to “on”, I frequently need to open preferences and toggle it for it to take effect. Anyone else seeing this?

To refine, it’s when using the search bar in Finder. Results are truncated widths. Just opening a folder is fine. Toggling preference does fix the search results view.
Recreatable everytime.

Thanks for the instructions. I was able to reproduce it. Will look into it.

Thanks for the reply!
P.S. Looks like it also occurs in open / save dialogs.

Also, if tagging an item with a color, the column width resets to default and truncates the item names again.

Been having issues with Automatically adjust column widths, for long time now…any progress on a fix? I think i have more issues with it when using cloud network drives like Box Drive, Google FileStrem, etc… maybe because it takes a second sometimes to parse the contents - which forces TotalFinder to default to minimum width too soon?

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