Command click from device list opens window without tab (1.6.20)

After upgrading to 1.6.19 and 1.6.20, when I click on the device list (sidebar) or a device from the desktop and I hold down the command button to open a new tab, Total Finder opens a new window without tabs showing.

I don’t think this is normal behaviour .

Thanks for a great product.

CMD+click on sidebar should open a new tab instead of new window. With one exception.

This behaviour is by design in v1.6.20. I treat all folders /Volumes/something as DMG files. This is a special case you just encountered.

I have no better solution how to detect DMG files at this point, see related topic:

Also please install beta 1.6.21 when you get a chance. I have improved the DMG detection there:

I just installed 1.6.21 and I don’t think there is any change.

In 1.6.21, command-click on DMGs or devices/external drives open new windows without tabs and option-clicks cause the tabbed window to close and you are stuck with a window with no tabs.

I don’t remember any other version doing this. For me, I use a lot of USB/external drives and I used to command-click to open them in a new tabbed window, but in this new version I get a dumbed down, non-tabbed window. :frowning:

I really hope you can find a work around to go back to this old functionality. Thanks for your help.