Comment Related to Multiple Monitors & DisplaySpaceManager

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I really like TotalSpace2 but once I introduced a 3rd monitor (using HDMI) on my MacPro (6,1) TS started to fail to keep track of which app goes on which monitor in its assigned space. Since this is basically the app’s primary purpose, I wanted to say this (in addition to the 14 previous topics covering this long-standing problem):

It seems like TotalSpaces needs built-in code that does what DisplaySpacesManager is compensating for, namely: to guarantee that when a user says App A should be on Monitor 3 in Space 2 that it stays that way predictably. Once TS started losing track of where monitors, apps, and spaces go (typically just after putting the displays to sleep), the risk of disabling SIP to use this program became questionable. For now, using Mojave 10.14, I don’t have to keep SIP disabled but once I install Catalina 10.15 then keeping SIP off for this one app that needs a helper program constantly running (I assume DSM has to continuously run) the risk becomes questionable.

If I can provide additional information, let me know.