Comments as tooltips

I tend to use Dual Mode and comments are usually the last column, hidden from view so I have to scroll in order to see them.
It’d be nice if commented files had a symbol to indicate it somewhere close to the filename… then you could hover on that to show a(n editable?!) tooltip with the comment. Maybe it could auto-appear somewhere as an option when a file is selected, or be toggled with a hotkey.
I’d prefer any of those over scrolling just to see if a file actually has a comment.

(Thanks for all your great work btw. TotalTerminal and TotalFinder are totally indispensable.)

Thanks for your suggestion. This is something I’m not going to implement right now. It seems to me like very rare use-case. Maybe you could move the Comments column right after the Name column?

With name, modified date and size there isn’t a lot of room for the comments in dual mode, but narrowing the column as much as possible, they appear as oneline tooltips on hover if they go over. So that solves it in a sense. Moving it to the right of everything so I can just see the very beginning of comments, it’s not taking much screen space at all. A bit unintuitive but it works. Thanks.