Computer Won't Shut Down

Ever since 1.9.1 (then fixed in 1.9.2) and then again in 1.9.3, when shutting down my computer, Finder will close and it looks like its about to shut down, but it hangs. I can’t restart Finder. I have to hold the power button down to turn off and turn back on. It happens every time I need to shut down. Other than that, everything works as expected.

Are you sure it is causing this issue? I have been experiencing the same issue intermittently with recently.

To figure out, please be ready and when your computer fails to gracefully shut down. Bring up the “Force Quit” dialog with CMD+OPT+ESC and see which app is not responding. Force-quitting it should unblock the shutdown process.

Please validate that it is really (with TotalFinder) blocking the shut down. Also don’t forget to test it with basic without TotalFinder running to rule out simple Finder’s fault.

There is nothing else in the force quit box. After uninstalling totalfinder, computer shuts down fine.

Any chance you have some related error messages in during/after the problematic shutdown?

Just to add. There are absolutely no changes in TotalFinder related to the shutdown in versions 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and 1.9.3. They should behave the same in that respect.

Tell me how to retrieve from Console and I’ll post it. Thanks.

The is located in /Applications/Utilities/

Please open it. In the sidebar on the left side. There should be “system.log” and various other logs. Interesting might be “System Reports” where you could find spin dumps, for recent apps which ended in “infinite” loop. There might be Finder_something.spin. That file would help us diagnose the issue.

Also in the “Devices” section there could be some recent problems…

Unfortunately troubleshooting problems during shutdown is tricky. You could also try to just log-off and log back in. Maybe you will be able to reproduce the same problem without rebooting.

I would like to know why the refusal to shut down happens only every other time, not every time.