Confirmation behind totalfinder

Deleting for example a directory gives an confirmation dialog. The problem is that this window is behind Totalfinder but has focus. In Mac you have to use the mouse to push the ‘Yes’ button. Totalfinder can not be resized. How to solve this issue?

I wonder why TotalFinder cannot be resized or moved. Why you cannot bring the dialog above TotalFinder window? Are you using Visor? Do you have checked “Show on top of the Dock” in Visor preferences?

Thanks for your reply.
In dutch ‘Show on top of the Dock’ has been checked:

Deleting a file on a network share gives an confirmation dialog. In this example you see just a little bit of this confirmation dialog which is behind TotalFinder:

If TotalFinder was larger than you don’t see it at all.
At this point you can not resize TotalFinder, there is no handle bar to grep the window.
ESC works as long as the confirmation box has focus. But losing focus means that you are stuck.

I’m sorry. This cannot be solved easily at this point. You have to disable “Show on top of the Dock”.

To fix this issue I would have to intercept all Finder dialogs and raise them above Dock as well. Technically it is not easy and it could introduce more issues.

No problem, now I know how to handle it. I switched off “Show on top of the Dock” but so far I see no difference. Case closed :wink:

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