Contributions for continued development of TotalFinder

I would be willing to pay $10 or $15 for continued development of Total Development so it was compatible with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) without having to turn off System Integrity Protection. I wonder how many other license holders would do the same. If you would be willing, speak up and maybe we can continue this great piece of software!

Thank you for your support, but this is not a question of money. It is technically impossible to achieve. If it was possible somehow, then it would mean there is a security problem in SIP and Apple would fix it in the next OS update.

I would gladly pay something to get TotalFinder working in El Capitan and onward.
Others do most, but not all, of what I want from TotalFinder, i.e. sidebars on both windows, folders on top view.

I simply do not believe you, DiskOrder, PathFinder and Crax all have at least one Sidebar (I want two Sidebars) and folders on top.

Don’t give up.


I’m afraid I agree with darwin but would love to see those creative minds try to find a workaround. Miss TotalFinder! (And yes, even willing to pay again just to see it make a comeback)

I would happily pay for a TotalFinder development in El Capitan, that full works with SIP disabled. Completely happy.

would happily pay for TF development too!

I appreciateTotalFinder and, as a long time an now thoroughly acclimated user, will be sorry to lose the functionality.

Would it be possible to get Apple to incorporate this functionality into its Finder? The design is clearly superior and Apple woul advance its product by so doing.


Hello, i’m in Paris, France. People of AppleCare said me that lot of people were angry with the abortion of TotalFinder and that it would perhaps be able for Apple to see if a solution could be find.
Don’t we have to do something massive towards Apple to support TotalFinder ?

Same here, i gladly would pay for keeping TotalFinder alive!
I dont really understand what has changed that would make this project to this point? Yes i understand there is this SIP but all we (atleast me) need is the Finder window that pop’s up using the short key and the dual window. I use PathFinder and its great but its not nearly as efficient and TotalFinder in my daily use. I dont want to turn SIP off but again i dont see what the problem here is. I dont mind having to start TF each i reboot (maybe once a week or so).

Please dont give up…

I am amazed, or maybe not, and the level of denial coming from all of you. @rbodman even went as far as to say, quote “I simply do not believe you…”. Really? Calling the developer a liar is not the best way to convince him to help you. Most of the misunderstanding is because of a lack of misunderstanding how TF works. Comparing to programs like PathFinder, and saying why can’t TF do that, etc is irrelevant. Those apps are separate apps, they launch and run independent of Finder. TF is not independent of Finder, it uses code injection, it LITERALLY seeks out and INSERTS its own code into Finder IN MEMORY at runtime. This is no different that what a Trojan or malware program does, Trojans and malware insert themselves into running code to change behavior. The only difference is intent, malware does it to accomplish undesirable behavior; TF does it to accomplish desired behavior. The technical process of replacing the program code is identical. And this behavior is exactly what SIP is meant to prevent, because of TF can do it, so can any other program/developer. Apple CAN NOT judge intent, it can only prevent outside programs from trying to circumvent the operating system, not the reason why. I do not blame Apple, the reality is allowing code injection is an open invitation to malware, and frankly, it is AMAZING it has gone on this long without major infections on the Mac platform. but OS X can no longer fly under the radar and hope malware developers don’t target Macs. Without SIP in place, ANY DEVELOPER could write a program that can change pretty much anything in OS X, once the user puts in their password during install.

For TF to work without disabling SIP, would require a COMPLETE and FUNDAMENTAL rewrite and design of how TF works, basically TF would have to be rewritten as an app, like PathFinder or ForkLift. This would not be trivial, but a huge undertaking. It’s not just changing a few lines of code here and there, it is a completely different approach and design, and Darwin understands that it isn’t worth his effort, but the y’all won’t listen.

Some people have said why can’t Apple keep SIP, but just allow certain ‘trusted’ programs to make changes. The SECOND you go down that road, you have totally defeated the purpose and security of SIP. Who decides what is ‘trusted’? How will you enforce? Hackers can already spoof app signatures and security signatures, so having an app signed is still no guarantee. EVERY developer in the world is going to request an exception be made for it. Once you open a ‘back door’ then you open a back door to potentially anybody.

As a developer myself, I understand Darwin’s position. I love TF, but the writing is on the wall. Turning off SIP is a stop gap, and even though I may turn off SIP personally because I’m technically savvy and no how to protect myself, I will NOT do that or recommend it for my non technical friends and family and co workers. It’s precisely those kind of users that SIP is most intended to try to protect.


Thank you for the clarification, i understand why its not doable now.

So how about a kickstarter project for a new project to make TF a standalone app :slight_smile: i’m in. Just want the simplicity and clean UI of TF. I understand its a huge undertaking but on the other hand i’m sure there are many people who will support the project and fund it. As long as the developer(s) are on-board :smiley:

I keep hoping :wink: