Copying between side-by-side leads to grayed out folders

Even after restart, I keep seeing folder copies end up with grayed-out folders. Source is on right, destination on left. Copy is complete by shows folder status as “in progress gray”.

As soon as you refresh or click on the item, it goes back to normal. This bug does continue for anything copied and pasted or dragged into another folder.

I’m going to investigate it today. Will report back soon.

So far, I have been unable to reproduce it on my primary disk.

From the screenshot I’m assuming

  1. the problem occurred while copying from some external storage
  2. also the size of copied files was quite large (several GBs)

Also I found (maybe unrelated) issue with workaround here:

@xgman1 Can you confirm #1 and #2, or are you able to reproduce it even with small files on internal drive?

Any file or folder of any size, dragged from any drive or even the same drive to another folder will exhibit this behavior. A folder refresh or clicking on the item or folder will un-grey it. I have never once had this behavior not appear when TF is active. As soon as you refresh the Finder (unloads TF) it goes back to normal.

(the file date is fine and everything else appears normal after the refresh. the icon of a single file (not a folder) doesn’t show until a refresh for some reason. The files are fully copying in tact though.

I always use the “details” view in finder, so I can’t tell if this happens in icon view, but I suspect it does. For all practical purposes this bug is a cosmetic issue since nothing is lost changed or damaged. For what it’s worth, this bug has carried over from 10.9.4 to the latest dev build of 10.9.5 unchanged for me.

I have tried Xtrafinder separately from TF to see if their implementation of color labels has the same bug. It doesn’t. It actually has a worse bug for me. When dragging a file or folder into another Finder Window, it sees the color label area as part of the folder structure and doesn’t let you drop a file into the main root and instead places it in one of the nearby folders. Not related to TF of course, but just to see if the color labels on is universally an issue. Seems not I guess.

Thank you for all the details.

@xgman1 Could you please disable tabs in TotalFinder preferences and try again? This will disable Tabs and Visor plugin, so we can possibly narrow down where is the problem in my code.

Thx. 'll post this tonight when I get in front of the imac.

When Tabs is completely disabled, it still greys out. I also have never had Visor on. Also, I did throw a TF crash when dragging an icon to the toolbar of Finder after turning tabs off. I sent it via email.

By the way, I drag from other Finder windows, not between tabs (when Tabs was on)

It stopped for a file or two and now all files dragged in from any drive including from internal to internal all grey out. So frustrating not to know what causes this.

External USB 3.0 Sony XQD card reader with 16GB XQD memory card. Files are thousands of JPEGS. Drag from right panel, drop in left panel.