Couple of issues with tabs versus windows (spotlight opens new window)

I’m having some weird issues recently with Totalfinder that have pervaded through the last two updates:

1: If I open something from the sidebar (cmd click as normal) it won’t open in a new tab, but in a new window. I have checked the settings and the settings are to open in a new tab.

2: If I open a folder from a spotlight search it opens in a new window, not in a tab as it used to previously. This is really annoying as when I’m searching for two folders to move stuff between, I can’t use spotlight to do it.

3: When I quit a programme and the OS switches back to the previously used one, the Totalfinder visor will pop up from the bottom of the screen again and push itself to the foreground. This happened a couple of updates ago (possibly with the latest Mavericks update but I ca’t be sure). So, regardless of how long ago I used Totalfinder/finder it is pushed to the front when I close an application. This is random, though, and I can’t make it do it now! So I’ll leave this here in case someone else can replicate it accurately and I’ll try and do it too. My shortcut for the visor is ctrl-space if that is relevant.

Any ideas on these?

I also find this new feature annoying as it is currently implemented.

I do see the value of having DMGs open in a new window. But right now I am getting new windows for far more than just DMGs.

I just tested this improperly. I will revert the change and revisit the whole approach. 1.5.35 will be out in a few hours today.

Thanks for your feedback.