Current changes / version updates

Wondering why new releases don’t include release notes at the time of publication. It would be nice to know why an update is released before installing it. The current Recent Changes page is two releases behind/five months behind.

How did you get to that page?

Last two releases were published on beta channel:

I will put them on main stable channel when I become confident about their stability. So far it looks good.

Heya, Darwin,

I think I got there from , then, under “Change Log” the link is “Recent Changes”. I probably found the “About” page from Google, as there are no (obvious) links to be found on the site.

I was subscribed to pre-release for a short time, which must be how I got to 1.19. There doesn’t really seem to be an easy way to find out if the active version is current or “pre-release” as you’ve got to check two pages against the installed version number.

Glad to see fresh changes.