Cursor switching screen sides on mouse navigation

Hey there!
Switching to mountain lion from snow leopard, I was very happy to see my comfy Warp.pref setup still being feasible in 10.8, thanks to TotalSpaces.
However, there is one feature I’m missing, and that is the cursor switching screen side when I switch space by moving the cursor to the side of the screen. To me this is far more intuitive, and makes dragging a window feel much more fluid.
So I’m asking for a way to have the cursor switch screen sides, as if it is coming from the space I switch from.
For example, if I move from my leftmost space into the next one to the right, by moving my cursor to the right side of the screen, I would like to have the cursor then appear on the left side of the screen after the switch, along with any window it is dragging.

Is this a feature I have overlooked, a quick fix, or will it take some extensive coding?

Hopefully someone else is looking for this feature as well, I couldn’t find any other threads about it on this forum.


I see your point. I think it would be significantly more complex when dragging a window (the window would need to also go to the other side). But for simple changing space it’s not too hard I think.

I’ll experiment with this, and if it feels logical I’ll add it.

Hey stephen, thanks for your quick reply!

I have a hunch that getting the window to follow the cursor wouldn’t be too hard, I know for sure that it worked perfectly on the Warp prefpane for earlier os x versions. Seems to me to be one of those things where the OS X infrastructure does this somewhat automatically once you get the cursor to behave as desired.

  • But I don’t know for sure, and obviously I have no clue how totalspaces functions, so I’ll leave that speculation to you.

Again, thank you very much for the quick reply and support.