Custom colour labels?

Is there any chance that TotalFinder might support customising the 7 label/tag colours —either via prefs or a series of hidden prefs? That would really make my day, now that Path Finder no longer offers this feature and PF7 is not compatible with Catalina. This may seem a very niche request, but I am so used to toning down the colours (with full bars) that a vanilla installation looks horribly garish to me.

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I just looked into it and it seems to be a hard task. Unfortunately Finder is using quite low-level API from DesktopServicesPriv and HIServices frameworks to obtain actual label colors. I didn’t find an easy way how to override that functionality.

During my investigation I found source of color definitions in HIServices framework binary. The logic is implemented in CopyLabelColorAndName which uses default (cached) colors hardcoded in the binary or alternatively looks into

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to define custom colors via, maybe this functionality is somehow disabled under Catalina and that legacy code-path is never executed, or I don’t know how to trigger it.

btw. this was interpreted as one other user reported in 2014: Problems with tag colors

i Find it also a serious issue before upgrading to Catalina… Let’s pray for the better and a magic moment for Antonin the crack this problem. It’s as always Apple’s fault (minimalistic GUI saga)

Thanks for looking into this darwin. (Sorry I missed your reply earlier; don’t seem to be getting notifications.) Your explanation is clear and I can see it is a problem, but like the last poster I hope you may be inspired to come up with a solution. I think it could please a lot of people and be a feather in TotalFinder’s cap.

I suppose there wouldn’t be a hack such as applying a transparent overlay? All I really want to do is to keep the coloured rows but mute the existing colours.