Custom Finder icons have disappeared

I’ve suddenly lost all my custom icons—not just in the Sidebar, but in any Finder window. If I use the technique of doing Get Info on a folder and pasting an image into the top left corner, nothing happens. As far as I know, this just started today, all of a sudden, without any changes or updates to the OS.

Mojave 10.4.6, 2017 MacBook Air

I restarted the Mac and then relaunched Finder without opening TotalFinder, and the problem persisted. So I’m not sure it’s a TF problem, but I thought even if not, you might have an idea how to fix it. Thanks.

If you are comfortable using Terminal, execute this command:
sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name -exec rm {} ;
(the semi colon at the end is REQUIRED).
after you press Return, the system wil prompt you for your password. Type in password and press return. Your password as you type will NOT be displayed, nor will the cursor appear to move, that is NORMAL.

This command flushes the icon cache, forcing macOS to reload all icon images (like folder and file icons, the dock). Reboot after executing.

If not comfortable using Terminal, download program called LiteIcon at it is free. Utility that lets you customize icons. In the main menu it has an option to flush the icon cache, basically doing exactly what the Terminal command does.

There is no guarantee this will resolve your particular issue, but the command is HARMLESS and worth a try.

Thanks. I did try using LiteIcon first. After I ran it, when I tried to paste in a new icon, it showed for a split second but then went back to the generic icon. But yesterday they didn’t show at all, so…progress?

I then tried the Terminal version, and after I entered my password, it returned this:

find: -exec: no terminating “;” or “+”

I double-checked, and the final ‘;’ is definitely there.

Further suggestions welcome.

Okay, more info: It seems to just affect folders that are in Dropbox. Folders outside the Dropbox folder behave normally. It seemed universal because all my current work is in folders in Dropbox, so everything I was looking at had gone generic. But old folders I’ve moved out of Dropbox still have their custom icons.

So obviously not a TotalFinder issue at all. Thanks for the suggestion, though–it’s a good technique to know.

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