Cut and Paste don't work as should

Using version 1.5.37 in Mavericks.
Bought this product specifically to do cut paste.

Cut a file on one disk and paste on the 2nd disk.

The file on the 1st disk remains.
Upon cutting the source files do indeed “dim out”. After paste command is performed the dialog box says “copying x items”…it should saying pasting but perhaps that’s an Apple thing.

After copy is complete files are on the destination folder but those files REMAIN ON SOURCE drive.

Hey, good catch!

TotalFinder implemented cut&paste using Finder’s drag&drop functionality to preserve Finder moving semantics. And this is probably the outcome. If there are some cases when Finder will copy instead move during drag & drop, TotalFinder’s cut&paste will have same behaviour.

I’m going to investigate this further. But at this point I’m not going to do anything about it. In future I hope to detect these cases and disable cut functionality or somehow indicate that cut behaviour is not going to happen.