Cut and Paste glitches

Small glitch but I have noticed that when you cut in the latest Total Finder (1.5.9) the cut file doesnt grey out. I have also noticed that sometimes (I can’t find a pattern as to when this occurs) the CMD+X shortcut won’t work (I get a error noise notification) but if i right-click and select “cut” it works normally.

As I said… small things but I thought worth mentioning.

:slight_smile: Love TF

Ah, I still have to reproduce that non-functional cut operation. I thought I have solved it but the bug is still there.

Thanks for your feedback

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Would appreciate any updates on this one posted in this thread. Those who have the issue can subscribe and get feedback that way.


I have fixed ‘grey out’ in List View when doing cut&paste in v1.5.12.

The other bug with non-functional cut operation is probably still there.

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