Cut doesnt seem to lighten the icon

Hi there,

When i Cut a particular file it doesnt lighten the object.
Its very difficult to know which objects are being cut if it doesnt lighten
Not sure if this is a bug or if this feature is broken

I remember in snow leopard this used to work just fine.
Press cmd+x and icon would have lightened

Also a feature request - when i select files the rows dont seem to get selected.
Previously on 10.6.8 if im on a particular icon and i press shift+up/down the entire row used to be selected uptil the icon below.
Doesnt work in sierra :frowning:

I have just tested it under Sierra and it works except for Icon View mode. That is probably why nobody reported it yet. I will look into this. Thanks for reporting.

As of selection behaviour. You are correct it behaves this way under Sierra. This is a change introduced in new Finder version. It has nothing to do with TotalFinder, because TotalFinder does not try to interfere in selection.

Good news. This will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Fixed in