Default column width

I can’t seem to change the default column width. It comes up with the Name column extremely wide. I have tried w/ and without Autosize on and configured the max / min. Any thoughts on this?

Update: It defaults to this looonng width every time I double click on a folder. Most recent version installed. Mavericks.

If I double click to join 2 tabs, the column width is ok. Double click to un-join, the width goes crazy. See attached.

The same issue exists in list-view in dual mode (which I normally use). Even worse, when I e.g. switch applications and come back to Finder, the right hand window has the name-column extended to beyond the width of the available window!
Seems like a bug in calculating the width or something.
I would like this fixed, so The widths I set will be retained.

I have since removed TotalFinder, but have the same issues w/ plain old Maverick. So I’m not sure where the problem is…

I have the same problem with the right column

TF doesn’t keep the column sizes.
Each time I open a new Finder window and merge with another one I have to resize the columns. This sucks big time.