Delayed focus changes in TS2?

I can’t be certain this is a TS2 issue vs a problem in Mavericks in general, as I upgraded both at the same time (obviously). But I’ve been seeing a lot of cases while cruising through screens where the application focus changes are significantly delayed – I get to screen X and start typing, and a second later the focus hops to the app in a screen I moved across previously (seems to be usually Mail, but that may be because I have a lot of screens with Mail viewers in them, and they’re in the middle of my grid). So suddenly I’m not typing where I think I’m typing.

It also seems to be more common under CPU load (when something is compiling in the background), but it happens on very light load as well.

Sorry I can’t create a better report than this. A few other facts – 2012 vintage Retina MBP, 16GB ram, 4x4 spaces, transitions disabled…

I know exactly what you mean, I have seen it occasionally.

It happens when you travel past apps that are slow to come alive. When they do finally do so, it triggers a space change as the app now wants focus.

Technically it’s pretty hard to fix this without compromising the ability to switch between apps/desktops quickly using cmd-tab (or direct desktop hotkeys).

I have this issue on the priority list, so we’ll try to come up with a fix asap.