"Delete After Open" option on Mac's Open-File Dialog

TotalFinder enhances (injects Finder. Could it also inject code into the Open File Dialog? Subject to preference settings I mean.


Apple popularized the use of a desktop to organize things you’re currently working on back in the 80’s. My desktop fills up though. I’m sure it does for other people too. Sometimes I have a very short workflow for an item on the Desktop:

  1. I take a screen grab, and save it to the desktop (Jing, etc)
  2. I add it as an attachment to an email (Gmail), and hit send.
  3. I then go to the desktop and delete the screen grab … or most likely forget to :frowning:

Feature Request

In the Mac’s file-selection dialog that Gmail’s attach action uses, I would like to be able choose “Select, AND delete file”. That could be a separate button, or a “delete after” checkbox. Delete means put in trash of course, and I’m using Hazel to keep that trimmed :slight_smile:

I would love to modify standard Open/Save dialogs. But this code is a library loaded into all apps. I would have to inject code into every app to patch it. This sounds more dangerous than patching just Finder on-demand.