Desktop icons clickable but not windows

I’m evaluating TotalSpaces. I like the fact that I can switch between full-screen windows without having to wait for a transition animation (which wastes time and gives me motion sickness). However, when I got back to my desktop, the icons were floating on top of the windows! I could click on the icons and move them around, but I couldn’t click on the windows. Seriously, this looks pretty odd. Any ideas? I’ve had to quit TotalSpaces for now, if I don’t get a reply I guess I’ll have to uninstall.

Wow that’s strange. The desktop icons managed to get in front of all the application windows? So something strange happened with the window ordering, and the desktop window (that contains the icons) somehow got ordered in front.

I would love to figure out how to reproduce this so I can fix it. Does it always happen? Any steps to reproduce it?

Many thanks