Desktop items not visible

I dowloaded TF and TS2 and now I cannot see desktop items on any desktop spaces. I checked all spaces, not there. Items are still in the finder, see screenshot:

I looked at these similar topics but did not see any resolution to this problem.

TF and TS2 are amazing products, keep up the good work. Thanks for your assistance.

I’d like to figure out whether it’s something to do with TotalFinder or TotalSpaces.

Can you try quitting TotalSpaces to see if you get your desktop icons back?

And likewise TotalFinder (you can use the command killall Finder in a terminal window to do this).

You might also try entering these commands at the terminal:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true
killall Finder

(If somehow that’s got set to the wrong state.) See here:

Thanks so much for your quick responses.

The terminal command fixed it. It was happening whether I had TF or TS2 on/quit or any combination of. Only started after I installed them. What would cause this?

Thanks again, good luck with these great apps!