Diagonal Transitions Feature

I am loving TotalSpaces. My workflow is much smoother utilizing the grid system. The only feature I have thought of that may improve this workflow is the ability to swipe diagonally. This would increase the connectivity of the desktops in the grid and speed up the workflow significantly. It may be a bit difficult to define the diagonal swipe on the trackpad as I believe the app is utilizing the built-in trackpad functions, but if it can be done, this product would be significantly improved!

Just to clarify, I don’t mind the horizontal transition animation that occurs when you transition diagonally from desktop 1 to desktop 5 in 3x3 configuration. What I am requesting is the ability to transition from desktop 1 to desktop 5 with a diagonal swipe on the trackpad. Currently this is only possible by selecting the desktop from the list of desktops or by using the overview grid.

Interesting request. Actually we do swipe detection in a way that is pretty fuzzy, and I think people don’t always swipe exactly horizontally or vertically. But it could be an option. I’ll have a look.

The animation is a lot harder to achieve, but ok, not so important as the function.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the reply. For me, it isn’t necessary to complicate the animation. Just using a horizontal or vertical transition would be fine. As for those people who are inaccurate swipers, offering diagonal swiping as an extra option in the menu would avoid any complaints from them. If you can implement this, it would complete the app for me!


One more thing! If this is implemented, I think it should include circulation. For example, in a 3x3 grid, swiping diagonally up-right from desktop 3 should transition to desktop 7. Swiping diagonally down-left from desktop 8 should transition to desktop 1.

This doubles the connectivity of the grid and every desktop is connected to every desktop (in a 3x3 grid, this would not be the case for larger grids)

Hi Stephen! Just checking in to see if you think this would be a possibility in the future.