Differences w/ MacOs Catalina vs BigSur?


I want to know whether there are any differences with TotalSpaces2 b/w MacOs Catalina and BigSur running on an Intel Machine. I seem to remember someone commenting on here that the number of available spaces one can have on BigSur is less (up to 9?) than on Catalina. Is this true?

Reading through the posts about MacOs BigSur, it seems that people are having trouble with BigSur and TS2. If anyone has experience with TS2 on the lastest MacOs BigSur upgrade (11.7+), or any version of BigSur but please tell which version, please list some problems with TS2 you’ve noticed if any.

If anyone’s still on MacOs Catalina, how’s that going with TS2?


I use ts2 with big sur, works great.

I’m still on Catalina 10.15.7, works perfectly here on TS v2.9.9. Haven’t updated beyond it since I’m too scared of TS breaking on any of the newer versions It was a finicky & delicate challenge to get TS2 working right, especially with how it broke every time I updated to new 10.x versions or new TS versions.

I’ve been scared away from updating from these past experiences, and due to all the reports of issues from other users in this forum, and since there’s no clear consensus anywhere or status report available that indicates if I can safely update to a new macOS version and still get the app working perfectly again. I’ve been following this topic for over 3 YEARS now and still haven’t been able to make sense of the current state of things! Once I get to hear an assurance from some others that it works just fine for them in the newer versions, and I’m given clear steps/instructions for getting it set up to work right in that new OS version, I’ll finally risk updating.

Boy would I love to finally get to catch up to the latest OS versions. Even updating to Big Sur would help. TS is the only thing holding me back from upgrading, and it’s becoming more and more common now that I’m running into apps that fail to launch, won’t update anymore, or don’t support Catalina at all.

I actually have TS currently in a state where it works nearly flawlessly (just a few minor & inconvenient bugs). Kept it in this state for years now, not risking breaking it with any updates. TS is absolutely an essential piece of my workflow, I cannot operate efficiently without it, and obviously Apple’s modern native space management solutions do not cut it.

It still blows my mind how complicated the current situation is, in terms of the state of the app, getting it set up right, and the absurdity behind the limitations of the most recent macOS versions. Why must Apple make it this difficult for power users like us, and why is everything regarding TS still in vague limbo? :confused:

I think we’re in the same boat. I’ve started researching other software and not finding much of anything… I’m testing out AltTab right now https://alt-tab-macos.netlify.app which is maintained. Would love to hear what other third party software people use to manage their spaces & apps.

I’ve been a longtime user of AltTab, in tandem with TS2. I really like AltTab, vouch for it, and think it’s worth using, but it’s no substitute for the efficient primary navigation that’s possible with TS2.
Also, if left unused for a period, it takes a long time to show up when triggered, sometimes even needing to wait 5 seconds, so it’s not very practical for casual use. I wonder if that’s only happening due to my excessive number of open app windows, or because I’m running it on Catalina.
How is your experience with AltTab going? Feel it’s been good enough to get by/replace TS2 for you?

AltTab has been hard to get used to for me - it’s more usable on my laptop where I have less running, on my desktop there’s a bit of a delay, I believe it’s because of how it gets the window snapshots.