Differences w/ MacOs Catalina vs BigSur?


I want to know whether there are any differences with TotalSpaces2 b/w MacOs Catalina and BigSur running on an Intel Machine. I seem to remember someone commenting on here that the number of available spaces one can have on BigSur is less (up to 9?) than on Catalina. Is this true?

Reading through the posts about MacOs BigSur, it seems that people are having trouble with BigSur and TS2. If anyone has experience with TS2 on the lastest MacOs BigSur upgrade (11.7+), or any version of BigSur but please tell which version, please list some problems with TS2 you’ve noticed if any.

If anyone’s still on MacOs Catalina, how’s that going with TS2?


I use ts2 with big sur, works great.