Different Order's of the Desktops in the Grid

Hey Guys,

most of the people using total spaces probably spend a lot of the time with their macs. And therefore are very interested in increasing the efficiency of their workflows by arranging the spaces, so that the most used desktops are close to each other and always where assumed. At least thats the point for me.

Unfortunately as i spend a lot of time with my computer i have different things i do with it.

-Browsing the Internet while listening to music and that means I have my Spaces Aligned like this: Chrome - Finder - iTunes & Spotitfy - Traktor - Lightroom - Work(excel, matlab, CAD…)

But when I am working with on projects for the university i would like to arrange my spaces in a different order for example:

Chrome - Finder - Work - iTunes & Spotify - Traktor - Lightroom

When i am editing pictures I would rather align my Spaces like this:

Lightroom - Work (excel, matlab, CAD, photoshop, PtGui) - Finder - Chrome - Traktor - iTunes & Spotify

I guess you can see where my problem is. For different tasks or works i would like to change my workflow with spaces.
I don’t know a lot about programming but think that wouldn’t be a lot of work to implement, however…

It would by nice to have in the overview grid as many tabs as different orders of desktops, so that you could change the order with these tabs and in the overview grid. (How wouldn’t be interested in different orders wouldn’t see a change).

Could be implemented in the Preferences as well.

Another idea, not concerning different orders.

The Preferences tab for the apps. Could you please change it to as many columns as desktops? Plus a column with all apps in the applications Folder. Than simply drag & drop the programs to the desktop(columns) where they should be fixed with. It works good as it works now. But i find it rather complicated. All my apps are in the Applications folder and after adding a program look for it and than change a space…



Tabs in the overview grid is an interesting idea, thanks.

The apps prefs is not perfect, and actually I am considering moving it to the Layout prefs, possibly with a drag/drop workflow.