Disable tabs but keep some tab related TotalFinder behaviour

I want to use standard Mavericks Finder tabs but with some of the functions provided by TotalFinder.

Cut & Paste works fine when TotalFinder tabs are disabled. However, turning off tabs removes some usefulness that I think could be split out, such as opening new windows as tabs.

Any thoughts?

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I did a quick and dirty solution. By disabling tabs I don’t load the code module implementing tabs and all related functions (btw. TotalFinder itself has its own “plugins”).

What you are saying makes sense, but I would have to refactor that functionality out and move it into a separate TotalFinder plugin. Let’s wait for more requests for it.

Sure thing, thanks for the info.

Yes, I’d love to be able to use Finder’s native tabs, but still use all the other features of TotalFinder. I use Visor and Dual Mode all day long. And having Copy-Paste in the context menu, and the Colored Sidebar Icons is great.

To emphasize the reason behind the desire, the tabs in Finder are within the window, and in dual mode it would be more intuitive than the tabs across the top, a la Chrome. I rarely pay much attention to TotalFinder tabs…


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Hi, Visor, Colored sidebar, dual mode user here. I’d like to have new tab style, kind of hate the chrome style tab (Firefox’s is a bit more pleasant to see, safari is better). How about adding a new (or several) tab styles?

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+1 to the latest suggestion!

I think having tab skin options would be the best quick and dirty solution where no “code splitting” (if that’s even a term programmers use!) would be necessary at all :: having a “Native Style” and a “Chrome Style” would pretty much solve the issue…

Definitely would also like a native tabs option. I’ve always disliked the Chrome tabs. Frankly tabs are the least used part of TotalFinder for me, so having an option to use all of it’s features except its Tabs would be great.


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Dual mode is technically very dependent on Chrome-tabs implementation.

Decoupling Visor from Chrome-tabs is possible, but needs quite some work.

In future I believe disabling tabs via preferences will just disable chrome-tabs and dual mode. All other TotalFinder features will be available including Visor.

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Is this feature request still considered? If all it’s gone is the dual mode when disabling the tabs module I’m all for it since Visor and colored tabs are the features I rely most on – although having dual mode with native macOS tabs would be a killer.


I’m sorry, this is not going to happen. I’m going to maintain existing feature-set and don’t want to expand it. This feature would require a lot of work and future testing of two different setups.

Understood, thanks!

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