Disabling hot corners (when app is running or menubar checkbox?)

I’ve been playing fullscreen games lately and when I scroll to navigate in the game the Total Spaces expose hot corner happens (expected) and the game gets messed up. It would be sweet if hot corners could be disabled when a particular app is running (dream feature) or maybe a checkbox in the menubar items that enables/disables hotcorners (easier)?

Update: I guess this is a known issue in the game… so maybe this isn’t a widespread problem. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Dota-2/issues/834


Probably particular games cause you to trigger your hotcorners more than others.

It’s for sure a reasonable suggestion. This is the kind of thing we’d like to enable via the TotalSpaces API. So you’d have a plugin that would do whatever you need. We will try to include this possibility when we revamp the API for TotalSpaces2.