Disappointed in TotalFinder

I used to be a TotalFinder user, I dropped it once I upgraded to Sierra, and now due to issues with Finder resetting constantly to unsort everything, I wanted to try TotalFinder.

  1. I can’t “Automatically sort” ALL folders
  2. I cannot disable your stupid animation when opening finder
  3. TotalFinder doesn’t remember my window size so it opens in fullscreen every god damn time
  4. I cannot customise nearly as much as I could previously i.e. File Browser is so limited
  5. There is no advance mode
  6. There is very little description for some of the options so I have no idea what it does
  7. Spelling mistakes or punctuation and spacing issues doesn’t give me confidence
  8. I just paid for this app, which I now regret due to it’s lack of everything

How do I request a refund?
yes I know, I should have just stuck with the trial, hence my disappointment that the app just got worse instead of better.

Hi Craig, I’m sorry to hear that. Please drop me an email to support@binaryage.com, I will refund you there.

btw. You didn’t need to buy another license. All past TotalFinder licenses work with latest versions.

@darwin I just discovered that if I disable tabs, it disables visor, why not just allow users to disable visor and keep tabs? Are they integral features?

I really wanted TotalFinder to be awesome still :cry:

There are technical reasons how it is implemented. TotalFinder is a hack on top of Finder, not a standalone app.